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A new batch of Evercade cartridges are now available for pre-order: The Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood dual game cartridge and the Oliver Twins Collection featuring 11 games, including seven classic Dizzy games.

Both cartridges will release on Oct. 2, 2020 and retail for $19.99 USD. They can be pre-ordered on VideoGamePlus (combo, Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood, Oliver Twins Collection), Amazon (Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood, Oliver Twins Collection), and Funstock (Xeno Crisis/Tanglewood, Oliver Twins Collection). Profits from the Oliver Twins Collection will go toward the National VideoGame Museum charity.

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The Evercade is a handheld retro gaming console featuring a 4.3-inch screen, the same as the PSP, as well as TV output to play either on the go or at home.

Evercade has also confirmed at least one more cartridge in the pipeline, and plan to launch four or five cartridges this year alongside the 10 available from the system’s May 2020 launch. The Evercade console is available for $79.99 USD.

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