With December about half gone, we have a new handful of featured games this week. If you’re an interested Nintendo Switch Online member, you can also try out Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition for a handful of days until December 21st at 11:59 pm PT.


Featured Games

The 2D side-scrolling action platformer, Dungeon Munchies, just launched for Nintendo Switch yesterday. You’ll be hunting monsters to use as ingredients to help Undead-Chef, Simmer, create delicious dishes to chow down on!


Also available on Switch as of yesterday is the board game collection, Let’s Play! Oink Games. From deep-sea treasure hunts, catching a rogue, recovering astronaut supplies, to startup investing, there are a number of board games to choose from. Furthermore, all of the games can be played in either local or online mode.


Painting adventure, Chicory: A Colorful Tale also landed on the Switch yesterday. This is a game about becoming somebody in a coloring book world. Superstar artist, Chicory, has vanished and along with her so has all the color in the land. You happen to be her biggest fan. So naturally, it’s up to you to take her place by wielding the Brush. You’ll help friends, solve puzzles, explore, and make a difference in the world!


The Switch also gained stealth, puzzle-adventure, Timelie, yesterday. Scroll back and forth through time like you’re watching a video. Foresee the future to break free from the past. Control a young girl who possesses precognitive abilities and a cat at the same time. Timing their actions will be important in helping them progress and ultimately escape from the past.


Coming on December 17th, we have puzzle-platformer, Aspire: Ina’s Tale. One day, Ina awakens to find she’s been sleeping in a strange tower. After awakening, she must begin searching for a way out. As her adventure unfolds, she’ll uncover the reasons for being locked away here, and discover that she can be so much more than her past self. Unfortunately, the closer she gets to escape, the farther she is from innocence.


Current Sales

This Nintendo Download sees a very quiet sales scene. The only thing to talk about is the fact that one item from last week is still ongoing through December 20th. It is none other than the Warner Bros. Games Holly Jolly Sale.

As always, check out Nintendo’s sales page for full details on all current sales.



New eShop Titles

In this Nintendo Download, we have a smaller load of new eShop titles this week:

The most unusual new title of the bunch is Moonbound, which actually just launched on the Nintendo 3DS. Next, let’s move on to the Switch games:




Board Game:











  • RTO 3 (first-person shooter)




Visual Novel:



Upcoming Games

The upcoming games section this week is the quietest one we’ve had in a while, with a quartet of new titles:


Launching on December 17th:


Launching on December 20th:


Launching on December 22th:



With that, the third Nintendo Download of December is in the books. The holidays are getting dangerously close now! Take care.

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