Welcome to the second Nintendo Download of December. The featured list, led by Life is Strange: True Colors, is a tad longer than last week. The sales section has grown more active, while the new eShop titles list has dwindled in size a bit more this week.


Featured Games

Life is Strange: True Colors arrived on the Switch two days ago. As such, the next era of the series is now playable on the go. Alex possesses the ability (or maybe curse) of being able to experience and take in the emotions of others. She can even manipulate these feelings. Furthermore, Alex can also see these emotions as colored auras. However, as fate would have it, this ability becomes pivotal in finding the truth after her brother dies in a “so-called accident”.


Loop Hero just hit the Nintendo Switch today. The Lich has spiraled the world into chaos by plunging it into a timeless loop. Use an expanding deck of cards to place terrain, buildings, and enemies. You’ll also need to collect powerful loot for each hero class, which will aid them in future battles. Meanwhile, you’ll also want to expand the survivors’ camp, and unlock new cards, classes, perks, and guardians. Can you end the cycle of chaos that plagues the land?


Also just launching today is the crafting game, Wytchwood. You are a mysterious witch in the woods living in a world of gothic fables. Collect ingredients to brew enchantments. Research new spells and cast judgment on various characters and creatures. The moral of the story is up to you, so what is it?


Next up, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon lands on the Switch on December 13th. Shovel Knight will find himself up against tons of foes and bosses. Along the way, he’ll obtain better equipment, too. Adventure as your favorite heroes in a roguelite puzzle hybrid as each twist of this tale unfolds before you. Alternatively, you can also take on a buddy in some friendly competition.


Nintendo Switch Online

As you may have heard, Paper Mario has now joined the N64 library on Nintendo Switch Online.


Current Sales

This Nintendo Download sees the sales scene getting a touch more active again. The only thing that was in this section last week has since ended.

However, as you may know, the Game Awards are happening tonight. As it happens, Nintendo has a new opportunity going: Winner & Nominee Deals. This sale includes 17 titles up to 30% off, along with 9 DLCs. It runs through December 15th and includes names like:


We also have the Warner Bros. Games Holly Jolly Sale. You can get up to 85% off on the following trio of titles through December 20th:


As always, check out Nintendo’s sales page for full details on all current sales.


New eShop Titles

This Nintendo Download has a much shorter list of new eShop titles this week, as we approach the holidays.














Upcoming Games

The upcoming games list in this week’s Nintendo Download is a tad shorter, but not by too much. So let’s take a look:


Launching on December 10th:


Launching on December 13th:


Launching on December 14th:


Launching on December 15th:


That wraps up the second Nintendo Download of December. It’s been cold here lately, so stay cozy out there!

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