oprainfall | Aeterna Noctis

oprainfall | Aeterna Noctis


Aeternum Game Studio has revealed the UnderSea Fortress, a new area in Aeterna Noctis. The 2D, hand-drawn Metroidvania is set to launch on December 15th. It will land on PC (Steam and Epic store), Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation.

Players will be able to enter the UnderSea Fortress in Aeterna Noctis several hours into the game. However, you won’t find any magical or undead creatures here. Instead, the fortress is home to an army of robots. While they are programmed to destroy anyone who dares enter their abode, collectively they form a hive mind. Their master waits at the top of the fortress. If you live long enough to get there, an epic confrontation will unfold.

Aeterna Noctis | UnderSea Fortress


Each type of robot has its own unique attack pattern. Players will face armored bots, combat drones, pulse mines, and of course environmental traps and hazards. The UnderSea Fortress in Aeterna Noctis is very dangerous for fleshy humans. Its design prioritizes robots after all. What you might not expect, is that players can modify the design of the area. By interacting with certain switches, the layouts of walkways can be modified to open new routes. This will no doubt prove quite helpful in traversing your way to the end of the fortress.

As with other areas in Aeterna Noctis, this one features its own special level and visual designs. Aside from having its own roster of new enemies, the fortress also features a special soundtrack. Its compositions convey electronic influences that make it stand out from other areas of the game. Aeterna Noctis holds 16 different challenging areas to traverse in all.

Aeternum Game Studio is sharing new content daily on its social media channels. You can find them all on the official website. Lastly, here are a few more screenshots of the UnderSea Fortress.


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