NIS America has released a new highlight trailer for Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle that is included in the upcoming release of NIS Classics Volume 1. This collection will also include their very underrated release Soul Nomad and the World Eaters. The collection will release on the Nintendo Switch August 31st in North America, September 3rd in Europe and in Oceania September 10th.

Console classics are making a comeback with Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1, coming to Nintendo Switch™ on August 31 to North America, September 3 to Europe, and September 10 to Oceania. This two-in-one collection comes with Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Remastered, which follows the story of Ash and Marona. With its unique combat system, over 50 recruitable Phantom types, and all content from previous releases, this is the definitive version of Phantom Brave!

Steve Baltimore
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