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Bravely Second Releasing in Europe February 26th


Bravely Second: End Layer

Bravely Second: End Layer has been set to be released in Europe on February 26th. The sequel to Bravely Default was originally released April of last year in Japan. As of now the release date for North America is set for sometime in Q1 2016, hopefully not too much later than the European release.

The game’s plot begins with Agnes Oblige from the first game being kidnapped, and her bodyguard Yew Geneolgia going off searching for her. Along with new characters, there will be some returning from Bravely Default. One new addition to game play will be the ability to chain a number of battles together if you can finish a fight in a single turn. There will also be new jobs that can be used.

Just like its predecessor, before the game’s release there will be a demo. It’ll be released on February 11th, and will introduce some of the new characters in the game. Like the original game, you can receive unlocks for the full game from the demo. For those in Europe who are interested, you can pick up a collector’s edition of Bravely Second.

I honestly can’t wait for this one to come out, even if I don’t know when that’ll be. At least there won’t be any worry about whether or not this will be localized like with the first game.


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