oprainfall | World's End Club

oprainfall | World's End Club


NIS America is excited to launch World’s End Club on the Nintendo Switch on the 28th of May. Players will be able to jump into the story of the Go-Getters Club, a group of oddball elementary school kids from all over Japan. Lead by Reycho, the group suddenly finds itself in an accident while on the bus during a class trip! They awaken to a confusing reality when they find themselves in a theme park beneath the sea! As they begin to realize they are trapped, they are suddenly also face to face with a mysterious clown! The clown orders them to play a “Game of Fate”, which will put their friendships to the test! Lost and utterly confused, they wind up fighting for their lives, and trying their best to find an escape from this place!

Here’s the trailer from the recent Nintendo Direct:


If you want to give extra support to the game and get some extra goodies, you can pre-order one of two special editions. First, there is the World’s End Club Deluxe Edition, which you can pre-order at all major participating retailers. It is priced at $49.99 and includes the following items:

  • A physical copy of World’s End Club for Switch
  • “Go-Getters Club Yearbook” Mini Art Book
  • “Anthem of Friendship” Digital Soundtrack Sampler
  • Reversible Cover

World's End Club | Deluxe Edition


The second special edition is the Limited Edition, which is available to pre-order at the NISA Online Store. It is at the higher price point of $79.99 and includes the following:

  • A physical copy of World’s End Club for Switch
  • “Anthem of Friendship” Complete Digital Soundtrack
  • “Go-Getters Club Yearbook” Hardcover Art Book
  • “Club Leader’s Badge” Enamel Pin
  • “Endless Carousel” Acrylic Stand
  • Collector’s Box

World's End Club | Limited Edition



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