2015’s Yo-Kai Watch Busters may yet see a North American release, according to the Korean version’s credits. While the Yo-Kai Watch spin-off has so far been an Asian market-exclusive, a Spanish Twitter fan account shared an image from the Korean version’s end credits, which refer to Nintendo of America under localization along with their Korean branch.


Yo-Kai Watch Busters was released in Japan back in 2015 and was a more open-world brawler featuring Level-5’s popular batch of ghosts. The Yo-Kai Watch series has been on the fritz in North America of late, with the third game not released there to date, despite being set in America. Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters was the most recent release back in 2016.

If Yo-Kai Watch Busters were to bust its way overseas, expect an announcement during this June’s E3 or thereabouts. Nintendo has repeatedly stated their claim of support for the 3DS going into 2019, adding fuel to the likelihood of more unreleased Level-5 localizations.

Alex Irish
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