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Harvest Moon: One World is launching this March, but players won’t have to wait long to continue their adventures when Natsume releases four DLC packs throughout the spring. The DLC includes Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack, the Far East Adventure Pack, the Precious Pets Pack, and the Mythical Wild Animals Pack. A Season Pass will also be available to purchase on launch day and automatically apply in-game updates as they’re released.

“The fun of Harvest Moon: One World only begins on March 2!” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. “We have created four DLC packs and a Season Pass so players can further customize their experience, tell new stories, and express themselves in different ways in the new world through new house interiors, unique animals, new pets, and even an entirely new area! The Season Pass is the perfect way to ensure you get all upcoming DLC for the best value!”

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The Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack comes with five interior designs, as well as upgrades for the hoe, watering can, hammer, ax, and fishing rod to help make growing crops, fishing, and mining easier. The interior designs include farm, castle, steampunk, spaceship, and starlight. The Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack releases March 2 for $2.99 USD.

The Far East Adventure Pack includes a new chapter, new characters, and new crops. Players will be able to unlock the exotic island of Wagashi, where they can woo locals Shogen and Sana; plant new crops such as rice; chop down bamboo trees; and meet new animals. The Far East Adventure Pack launches March 23 for $12.99 USD.

The Precious Pets Pack brings 12 unique animals to the world of Harvest Moon: One World, including Siamese cats and silver dapple horses. This pack launches April 13 for $2.99 USD.

Finally, the Mythical Wild Animals Pack introduces chocolate mint tigers, lava rabbits, and eight other fanciful wild animals for players to unlock. This pack launches May 4 for $2.99 USD.

A Season Pass will grant players access to all four DLC packs for $14.99 USD and is available on launch day.

Harvest Moon: One World can be pre-ordered for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for $49.99 USD. Both come with the bonus plush Chicken. An Xbox version is planned at a later date. Limited Run is also offering a collector’s edition for $99.99 USD for both Switch and PS4.

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