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THE GANG’S ALL HERE.. They’re waiting for Yu!

Those of you who didn’t watch the Japanese version of the Nintendo Direct probably also missed the broadcasting of the opening cinematic for Bravely Second. It’s rendered in CGI, as was the introduction to Bravely Default, but odds are this will be playing before the game’s title screen since this is shorter, has no voiced segments and doesn’t set up the game’s prologue.

Titled “Bravely Second Opening Movie,” the clip features the song “Great Distance” written by ryo from the J-Pop group supercell. ryo also handled composition for Bravely Second’s soundtrack and composed an Ending theme for the game, though it’s worth noting that Bravely Second will feature some tracks from Bravely Default (composed by Revo) in-game. With the excitable J-Pop song, the brief over-the-top fight scene and the shots of the band of friends, one almost expects an anime.

The Bravely Second opening wasn’t broadcasted on other Nintendo Directs. As it stands, localization of the game hasn’t been currently announced. This isn’t to say that it isn’t already happening or won’t be happening. In the English Nintendo Direct, Bill Trinen (Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America, beat professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player Toph at Super Smash Bros. Wii U once) referenced Bravely Default by saying that “the Nintendo 3DS family of systems already has a great library of role playing games. One look around the internet and you’ll find lots of gamer love for titles like Fire Emblem: Awakening and Bravely Default.” It is an acknowledgment of Bravely Default‘s success. However, as it stands, there’s no English media of Bravely Second.

This is worth noting because Nintendo published Bravely Default outside of Japan, although the game is developed by Silicon Studios and the IP is owned by Square Enix. While Square Enix and Nintendo likely appreciated the commercial performance of the game, it remains to be seen if either party will move to localize it (or which one did make the move to localize it, if the process is already underway). It may be hard to remember now that Bravely Default has already been localized, but what followed the Japanese release of the first iteration of Bravely Default was a dark and anxious period of several months of hopeful begging from fans outside of Japan who wanted to see the game localized. Ideally, we won’t suffer the same pain as before.

Watch the opening below! Personally, I think we should put to rest the idea that other Three Musketeers not named Yu will be a permanent member of the party.

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