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Welcome to 2021 friends and for my first piece, I interview Pwuppygf! You may recall that late last year, I got the approval to start covering virtual stars. Following my first inquiry with the major star Kevin, domoarigathanks, I took my time finding the next star. So many wonderful people and, along the way, I found a very charismatic puppy! I watched so many of her streams and even participated in community nights to get to know her. Finally, once everything was ready, I reached out to her with the opportunity for an interview. Thus the piece has life! I hope you enjoy! I heavily encourage you to check out Emi once you’re done. You won’t regret it.

The new year offers a fantastic opportunity for a fresh start for everyone. There’s goals and resolutions aplenty, but we must not forget the fundamentals. It all starts with you, so may I kindly ask for your introduction for our readers?

Hello everywan! I’m Emi, pwuppygf, dog, whatever you’d like to call me! ^__^ I’m a newer VTuber/VStreamer, who debuted back in November. I consider myself a mental health/disability advocate, especially due to my own health issues! All my streams tend to be very relaxing, even though I may have a few outbursts… I consider it my personal goal to make sure I improve people’s day!

There’s one question that always pops into my head whenever I see a new virtual streamer. This is not a cheap thing to do, whether monetarily or emotionally, so where did you get your motivation to commit to this?

There’s actually a few reasons! I was a Twitch streamer a few years back, before VTubing ever blew up, but due to my aforementioned health issues, I was unable to keep up with it. VTubing is honestly a god send for me. I grew up watching video game YouTubers/streamers, especially during the hardest parts of my childhood, and while I may not consider myself “child friendly,” I want to give people the same happiness other creators did for me! I’m also quite a lonely person, and streaming is my favourite way to connect with other people.

It’s a magical experience finding the one artist to work on your model. All the magnificent possibilities and potential in the world and it led you to your mama, Lia. Lia is a fantastic person without a doubt, so how’d you come across her? May I also ask what was it like to work with her to bring your model to life?

It’s actually kinda a funny story… I came across Lia completely by accident. I had been researching Live2D artists and riggers for MONTHS. I think like, 5-6 months? Of course, when you search “Live2D commissions,” or “vtuber commissions,” etc., the most popular artists are going to come up. I’m talking like, minimum 1,500$ just for the art. (Absolutely worth it, I will say, but very out of my budget). I almost gave up for a second or third time, when one of the artists I followed retweeted Lia’s open commissions tweet. I saw it within 30 seconds and immediately filled her form out… and here we are!

I was her first ever child! She was super easy to work with. She finished my model in like, a week flat. I’ve never seen a Live2D artist work so quickly, AND she rigged it herself. She’s super communicative, friendly, and just overall a pleasure to work with, I’ve actually already recommended her to a few of my friends.

So continuing this timeline, now you have the model and then comes your debut date. I want to know what your thought process was like as you approached that first day. Was it as nerve wracking as people say it usually is? Furthermore, what did you learn from it?

Oh god, I was so nervous. I have extremely bad anxiety, and unmedicated at that, this is a bit gross, but I almost threw up before my stream. I could barely eat, I was shaking so bad. The weeks leading up to my debut were a huge mix of excitement, “oh I want to debut Right Now,” and then a mix of dread, nervousness, thoughts I would do terribly… I would say that I learned to not doubt myself so much. One of my biggest fears was that no one would show up, or like me, or I would fuck up drastically and my “career” would be over before it started. And while I didn’t have a massive debut like some people (I think my peak viewers was around 60-70?) I had an amazing time and everyone was SUPER nice.

I often leave your streams in the background while I work on something else. You have a very charismatic personality with a peculiar vocabulary that makes for an astonishing number of out-of-context moments. How do you feel about the quality of your streams? Furthermore, do you enjoy all these clips once the stream is done?

Thank you! My favourite thing to do after stream is watch the clips people take! I love seeing what people found funny or amusing, I use it to figure out what to do more of, what bits people enjoy, etc. But, I’ll probably never be happy with the quality of my stream, I’m very hard on myself. I’m always trying to improve. I’m actually in the process of upgrading a lot of stream graphics right now, haha.

Last year was hectic for more reasons than I could ever list. Your streams being part of it. Jokes aside, it saw an incredible rise of talent and wonderful personalities debuting. You’re right there in the middle of it. What are your thoughts on all the girls and boys arriving on the scene? Do you have a favorite among them?

Nyanners. Absolutely Nyanners. I’ve been a fan of her content for so long, and I kinda dropped out of the VA community when I stopped streaming the first time, but when I found she debuted as a VTuber I absolutely lost it. Out of all the VTuber content out there, I 100% watch hers the most. I think she’s a perfect mix of gremlin and wholesome, which is something I strive to have.

On a similar note, because the scene has so many wonderful stars, do you find yourself watching any of them in your free time? If so, who?

As I said before, I do watch Nyanners the most, BUT, I’m also huge fans of Korone, Gura, Ironmouse, Amelia. And for more indie VTubers, Hiyori Sano, Kuzuru Io, Mago Hiyoko, and Plant Kuroba!

A recent discovery for me is the fact that a lot of virtual stars love using the service Skeb to get more art. To the point, where it’s a meme now. Seeing as you are one to practice this, I want to get your take on why it’s so thrilling to request art from there and why a lot of people do it. What advice do you have for people curious enough to jump down the rabbit hole?

Oh god… please make sure you have enough funds for it. I’ve already spent so much money on it, and I’ve been using it less than a week… I think the fun comes from the fact that it’s almost… Gacha like? Except you’re more likely to get something. I love going to artists and just letting them draw whatever they want, I think it’s super fun.

Shorter questions as we start to wrap up. People always say, “new year, new me,” so what does the puppy have in store for us in 2021?

Hopefully, a LOT. 2020 wasn’t exactly bad for me, I had a lot of stressful life changes, but I’m really excited to make 2021 the year of the dog. I’m wanting to put out YouTube content, whether it’s just stream highlights or exclusive content. I’m wanting to collab as much as my social battery will let me. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I’m absolutely giving VTubing my all this year.

Last but certainly not least, any message you want to give to both our readers and your fans alike? Where can they check you out and what can they expect?

Of course! First, you can check me out on and I have a YouTube channel, but it has a very long and ugly URL so we’re ignoring that for now. You can expect ultimate comfy vibes! And… maybe a little bit of piss talk. As a treat. Anyway. Thank you so much for this interview! I hope everywan reading this is able to remember something from this, even if it’s just, “wow did she really mention piss in an interview?” Please remember that you should absolutely do what makes you happy, and as long as it’s not hurting anywan, no one can give you shit for it.

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