Azur Lane Royal Navy

Azur Lane Royal Navy

The Nintendo eShop page for Azur Lane: Crosswave is now live. Fans can now show their support for their favorite Kansen by heading over there and adding it to their wish list today. The Nintendo Switch release will feature an updated photo mode with up to six characters, as well as the Taihou and Formidable DLC Kansen.

Here is a look at a couple of the Royal Navy support ships from the press release:


The second Queen Elizabeth-class battleship, affiliated with the Royal Navy. She closely supports the Queen, who is the symbol of the Royal Navy.

HMS Neptune

A special plan ship affiliated with the Royal Navy. She speaks politely, but she has the impish personality of teasingly looking down on others. She is a “waiter,” and not a maid, good at making sweets. (it’s important!)

Azur Lane: Crosswave retails for $49.99 and will launch physically and digitally on the Nintendo Switch February 16, 2021 in North America and February 19, 2021 in Europe.


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