Wanting Wings | Humor

The year is coming to a close on a pleasant note as Wanting Wings arrives on MangaGamer. The exceedingly colorful story from BaseSon, developers of Koihime Musou and Harukoi Otome is sure to bring many smiles. In addition, if I dare say, this one is more down to earth. Considering the troublesome times we continue to be in, it might just be what we need. A soft story taking place at the holiest of places, an all-girls boarding school. I can’t ask for more than that. I’ll post the details of the story below, if you’re interested please check it out. It’ll be available exclusively at MangaGamer for $34.95. MangaGamer says it’s sure to please fans of the genre, and I really can’t wait to play it. Ah, the struggles of a backlog are never-ending. Congratulations to MangaGamer on the release and we look forward to the next one.


So what is Wanting Wings about?

Serious, hard-working Hina, lonely and awkward Rin, and the kind and sweet Fumi have been roommates ever since they started school at Seiyou Girls’ Academy, an all-girls boarding school. Yet these three girls share a special connection beyond that – they all believe they saw an angel when they were younger, and they’ve each come to believe that one of the other girls might be an angel as well. Where will these beliefs lead them? Depending on your choices, right into each other’s arms! Every pairing between these three girls is possible and it’s up to you to determine who winds up falling for who!


Diego Hernandez
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