Today XSEED Games announced the upcoming update for Granblue Fantasy: Versus as well as a couple of the season 2 DLC characters. The 1.40 update will add new episodes to the RPG Mode and two new limited-time game modes. These mode are Boss Battle Time Attack and GBVS: Blitz. Players will earn a code for 1,000 crystals after clearing episode 45 of the main quest. Details of the two new mode will be revealed at a later date.


Cagliostro  and Belial are the DLC fighters that will kick off the Granblue Fantasy: Versus season 2 roster! These DLC characters will start arriving with Belial on September 23, and Cagliostro will be coming in October, They will launch with Japanese voice acting only due to COVID-19. The Japanese voice actors for Belial and Cagliostro are Yoshimasa Hosoya and Sakura.


Steve Baltimore
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