Kiara and my Ara Ara Adventure | Lewd Preview

Kiara and my Ara Ara Adventure | Kiara

Kiara and my Ara Ara Adventure finally has a release date! The latest lewd adventure from Toffer Team is finally coming and very soon. How soon, you may ask? To clarify, it’s a mere 5 days away! Mark August 7th on your calendars, and save up a nice $3, and while you’re at it wish list the game. You may have clicked this article just based on the game’s title, but if you don’t know Toffer allow me to provide a refresher. Toffer Team is a small lewd game developer with roots as early as the 2017 release of My Neighbor is a Yandere. Since then, the games have retained the laser focus on great sexual content but improving in all other fields. Their latest release, Himeko Maid, demonstrates great improvements and serves as my evidence. Check out our interview with him to see what he’s all about. Congrats Toffer!

If you already know Toffer, you might want to know what Kiara and my Ara Ara Adventure is about.

After a mysterious accident, you find yourself weakened and on the brink of death on a battlefield where cat girls, elves, succubi and all kinds of exotic girls are fighting to survive.
Fortunately, you get rescued just in time by a beautiful and mysterious cat girl named Kiara. She tells you that from now on, she’s your servant in charge of taking care of you, she promises to fulfill all your wishes while you help her with an important quest during this war…

“I’m ready to serve you… Are you ready to be my master?”

The release will be published by Denpasoft and the game will be available on their site as well as Nutaku. The price will be $2.99.

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