Today Idea Factory International has announced that Death end re;Quest 2 will launch a bit earlier on Steam. The original release date was August 25th, which is still the date the game will be out for PlayStation 4 in North America with the European version following soon on August 28th. The steam version however, will now release on August 18th, so PC users can get their hands on this title a bit earlier.

The Steam version will contain the original Glitch costumes for the first game’s characters and. The first game’s characters only appear in their Glitch costumes during battle and in the main menu. The Steam version will implement the original Glitch costumes in both instances.

Idea Factory international is offering a nice looking Limited Edition on their store for $99.99. The standard game retails for $49.99. You can check out my review of the first game here,, or some freshly released Death end re;Quest 2 character profiles below:


Character Profiles:
Christina Serum

A girl who appears to be generous, but can flip a switch when crossed. Christina is known for her inferiority complex, which she sometimes takes out on Paula despite her being one of the only people she can talk to.

Paula Warren

A bookish, innocent young lady. She is comfortable speaking to anyone and everyone, which sometimes gets her into trouble. As a teen, she was often neglected by others at Wordsworth, so she is eager for attention. She becomes teary-eyed and anxious when ignored.

Collette Sheldon

The “cool cat” of Wordsworth, she is often seen reading a book or sporting a standoffish expression without the company of others. Despite her nihilistic outlook, there are a few things that can bring a sparkle to her eye when presented.

Elizabeth Paris

A condescending young lady whose family once boasted a great fortune. Although her family is no longer wealthy, she still looks down on others, making her unsusceptible to Vina’s bullying. Her demeanor is a defense mechanism from the embarrassment of falling down the social caste, but she has become close with Mercy, to whom she is still snobbish.

Mercy Lewis

A tomboy who is good friends with Elizabeth, as the latter saved her from being bullied by Vina. Since then they’ve been inseparable.

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