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Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer of Darkwood Released

Darkwood logo

A rather eerie and tantalizing trailer has been released by Acid Wizard Studios for their upcoming PC game, Darkwood. Although the game is only currently in its pre-alpha stage, the developers have released a fair amount of information regarding it. Darkwood is a top-down survival horror game that contains both RPG and roguelike elements (which should prove to be interesting), with a downright creepy atmosphere.

According to Acid Wizard Studios, the key features of the game are:

“Hard Core Gameplay – No hand holding, tooltips or linear paths. Think, learn and adapt – if you will behave recklessly or do not prepare for the night, you will not survive.

Permadeath – Darkwood is a dangerous place and death lurks around every corner. If you die, your savegames get deleted and you have to start over. But not all of your progress is lost, as some things carry on to your next incarnation..

Satisfying Exploration – A breathing, procedurally generated world for you to explore. Each visit to Darkwood is unique, as all locations and events are randomized.

Twisted Atmosphere – You will start to question your sanity, as the line between reality and nightmarish fantasies will begin to blur.”

There will also be some customization available – the ability to craft items (including barricades and traps!), as well as the ability to improve your character with skills to help you survive your battles. Although Darkwood is still in its early stages, this may be one to keep an eye on. Check out the trailer below.


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