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NekoNyan June 2020 Progress Updates | Hello Lady!

Let’s do something different and talk about the NekoNyan June 2020 progress updates! It is now time to find out how much closer are we to the next release. To clarify, if you don’t know NekoNyan, they’re recently responsible for Aokana, Senren*Banka, and Making*Lovers. Needless to say, exceedingly memorable projects. The publisher has been posting monthly updates on their social media to keep the audience on their toes for the next memorable release. Furthermore, it’s actually nice to know that they’re doing their best across multiple projects. If you guys like this sort of article, we’ll actually do it for other companies as well! Your voice really does matter. In any case, let’s get right to the wonderful updates and boy are there a lot of them. Enjoy the list and support NekoNyan through the Summer Sale!

So what’s the word on the NekoNyan June 2020 progress updates?

Hello Lady! -Superior Entelecheia- has a complete translation, nearly complete editing, 40% through quality check and Engine work is in progress.

Riddle Joker is now has 85% of the translation done with 75% of it also done with editing. Quality check is at 25%.

Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche reaches the 75% translation mark with 25% of it done with editing. The game is currently moving to the Unity engine.

IxShe Tell is also 85% of the way towards translation completion and has 80% editing done. The quality check sits at 35%.

Aokana Extra 1 is now 45% into it’s translation with 15% of the editing done.

Melty Moment returns to the updates with a 30% translation complete update.

Finally, Secret Project #1 is now 30% deep into its translation.

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