Author’s Note: The opportunity to cover the UNDERCAT Kickstarter was brought to our attention by Crytivo. This is a paid writing opportunity and thus uses an affiliate link to promote the project at the end. Other than that, this is going to be covered like any other Kickstarter project.


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Crowdfunding Spotlight, but there’s always interesting new games out there. Today one new game is UNDERCAT, developed by Sparky Tail Games. It’s an action platformer in a retro style, featuring non-linear progression. It will also feature co-op and PVP functionality. If funded, it will be coming to PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4. As for what the game’s about, just read a description below of the plot:

Undercat is a 2D action platformer set in a game world where you play as a rebellious dog who’s tired of catkind’s tyranny. A once thriving and diverse city of animals has been overthrown by cats. They’ve oppressed all other animals and collared them like lesser-beings. Those who refuse to obey the cat overlords have been banished from the city and forced to live in cramped slums.

You are playing as a good boy turned freedom fighter named “Chips”. You’re barking mad about the new regime, and it’s time to break those chains. Life growing up in the slums has made you tough. With the help of the rebellion, you will fight to take back the city and end the cats’ tyranny once and for all.


If that sounds interesting, you can actually play a demo of UNDERCAT right now. All that requires is joining the UNDERCAT Discord and doing the following – type !getKey command in #key-claim channel.

The action in the game takes place in Citadel City, a metropolis under the thumb of the feline oppressors. You’ll go on various missions, such as rescuing soldiers, liberating neighborhoods and beating bad kitty bosses. The City will be broken up into different regions with many goals to accomplish. More details from the Kickstarter below:


The city is divided into multiple regions. You’ll visit the Slums, Factory Sector, Cat Territory, and others. The resistance camp is located in the swamp beyond the city, so that’s where your struggle begins. Every time you complete a mission, you’ll return to a central hub to choose where you go next. The cats have the central regions locked down tight, so you’ll need special machinery to dig an underground tunnel through to find their leader. Essential components are scattered throughout the city. Keep an eye out for fancy tech!

UNDERCAT | Explore

To accomplish your goals, you can throw things around (including allies) or use stealth to your advantage. You can even use the environment to your advantage, causing mayhem and breaking a new way forward. And like any platformer worth its salt, there’s hidden areas and goodies to unearth. If you need assistance, you can always visit a shop run by an elderly rat to purchase new tools.


As for funding UNDERCAT, the base goal that needs to be met is $15K. If that’s reached, the game will include 5 areas to explore in your adventure. At $20K, an additional area will be added, and for $25K some mini-games will be added. The loftiest stretch goal is $100K, which will bring online multiplayer to the experience.


If you want to pledge, the cheapest tier is $15 for either a PC or Switch key, while the most expensive is $3000, which gets you a whole goodie bag of rewards, including artbooks, soundtracks, a T-shirt, designing a NPC and much more. There’s still 29 days to go, so if you want to back the game, you have plenty of time.

UNDERCAT | Sliding

If you would like to help contribute to the UNDERCAT Kickstarter, just click here. And stay tuned to oprainfall for more coverage of niche, indie and crowdfunded games in the future.

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