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oprainfall | Recompile


UK indie developer Phigames has dropped eight minutes of brand new gameplay of Recompile. A demo of the game is also already available on Steam. The game combines Metroidvania-style progression with a unique branching narrative system.  Players utilize environmental hacking mechanics and platforming in the digital landscape of “The Mainframe”, all the while exploring computational logic and disastrous ecological consequences.  After the fall of the Seven Suns, a millennia of neglect slowly transformed the vast code repository of the “Main Frame”. It became a bunch of half-sentient and half deterministic subroutines that exist in a state of flux. Here is the new gameplay video:


Recompile is a sprawling, 3D, atmospheric hacking adventure where you’ll see the birth of an AI. Players must explore, hack, fight, and most importantly, survive! There are many secrets to be discovered beneath the surface of the digital landscape. The events of the game, believe it or not, take place in the span of one second in real time.

As you traverse the landscape of “The Mainframe”, you’ll discover a number of abilities that will help you get around and overcome obstacles. Recompile is aiming to be the first Metroidvania-style game that has multiple critical paths that are also dynamic. The idea is that your play style and choices should matter. Every feature in the environment, including power grids, locked doors, and huge enemy machines, are powered by intricate logic gate circuitry. This allows players to exploit all of it by inverting, overriding, or disabling those logic gates. You can use this to bypass obstacles and tinker with the inhabitants of this digital world to make them do your bidding. Recompile takes inspiration from a number of other games like Axiom Verge, Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, Rime, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Lastly, you can find out more at the official website. Here are some new screenshots:


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