I’m often a fan of horror, even when it curdles my blood and makes me want to hide under the covers. I’m drawn to it, inexplicably so. Which is why the latest game published by Modus has caught my attention. Developed by We Create Stuff, that game is called In Sound Mind. Though I’m not familiar with the team, they’re apparently well known for their mod of Nightmare House 2.

In Sound Mind | Shadow

In Sound Mind is a first person horror experience that contends with an issue I’m fascinated by – being one’s own worst enemy. The action of In Sound Mind revolves around being unable to escape your own horrific memories, perhaps thanks to being exposed to some experimental chemical agent. Either way, you’re trapped, but you’re not alone. You’ll escape horrifying entities while solving mind bending puzzles. Oh and did I mention there’s also a cat named Tonia? Next up are some key features from the game:

  • A new survival horror experience from the creators of the legendary Nightmare House 2. We Create Stuff, the team behind one of highest-rated mods of all time returns with an unexpected spin on the horror genre.
  • Experience a series of haunting memories. Journey through a progression of unsettling stories, each with unique puzzles, mechanics, weapons, and boss fights.
  • Overcome a cast of terrors. Confront those who stalk you in a series of daunting boss fights and learn how to defeat them by solving mind-bending puzzles.
  • An eerie soundtrack by The Living Tombstone. The internet icon lends his distinct sound to this next generation psychological thriller, with a distinctive song for each story.
  • Unexpect the expected. Explore an imaginative and disorienting narrative, featuring sentient mannequins, a feline companion, and much more. And yes, you can pet the cat.

In Sound Mind | Mannequin

If you are fascinated like I am by the premise of In Sound Mind, it’ll be available later in 2021. To help pass the long wait, just check out the sweet trailer below! It features freaky ethereal foes, bumping tunes and disturbing mannequins. Or at least I hope they’re mannequins…

Josh Speer
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