The indie platforming sensation Celeste has sold best on Nintendo Switch to date, creator Matt Thorson confirmed in a Destructoid interview. This falls under his studio Matt Makes Games’ sales expectations, Thorson says, as the Switch version is handily outselling the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions, a typical pattern of other Switch indies.

“The Switch version of Celeste has sold the most, and that’s what we were expecting. We feel like Celeste and the Switch are a perfect fit for each other. We are glad we launched on all consoles though, and we really appreciate the support we’ve seen across the board.”

Mr. Thorson had a hunch the Switch would be a good fit for Celeste‘s potential audience, a certainty since its appearances in Nintendo Direct broadcasts (including this past January) bolstered its association with the platform. Thorson promises a bug-fixing patch is in the works for Switch owners, followed by a Switch port of his previous title, the one-time Ouya-exclusive Towerfall Ascension.

The full Destructoid interview additionally covers Matt Thorson’s influences on the game, its production, and its success.

Alex Irish
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