Well boys and girls, you know what day it is. Which means it’s time for another Nintendo Download! I admit it’s been a long week, and I know I need a bit of pleasant distraction. While this isn’t the longest Nintendo Download, it still has some goodies to enjoy. There’s two very different featured titles, a special franchise sale, and the usual digital fun. Let’s start with a crazy exploration RPG and some boardgames.

Nintendo Download | The Outer Worlds

I admit to not always having my finger on the pulse of big game releases. I tend to focus on indie and niche much more exclusively. That said, I had heard of The Outer Worlds. I just didn’t know much about it. I also never expected to see it on Nintendo Switch, but here we are. If you like exploring wild environments and fighting against the corporate authority, you might enjoy it. The other game is much more casual. It’s called Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics. It let’s you play games such as Chess and Mancala, and even race slot cars. Thankfully, it can be played online and not just locally, so you’re able to compete with others. Now let’s continue the Nintendo Download with some sales.

Nintendo Download | Outbuddies DX

Before we move onto the Game Guide, I need to mention another sale. Capcom is having a franchise sale for Resident Evil from today until June 16th. It offers up to 57% off all the mainline games available on Nintendo Switch, including the following – Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. While you probably noticed the lack of RE 2 and 3, that’s cause those haven’t been brought over to the Switch yet. Which is probably for the best, since the Nemesis is utterly terrifying. I will say, I miss the Resident Evil Revelations games, and am not sure why they’re not included. That said, if you wanted to play some classic horror on your Switch, this might be the time to pick some games up.

Nintendo Download | CRAZY CLIMBER2

Now, let’s see what the Game Guide has to offer. If you want a rogue game, you might enjoy Many Faces for $3.99; to play as a dog fighting injustice, try Dogurai for $1.99; for some musical mayhem, try Fred3ric for $4.99; to try an ode to classic games, there’s Squidlit for $0.99; for a triple dose of crazy, try the Indie Gems Bundle – Explosions Edition for $9.99; for a quirky Metroidvania, try Mable & the Wood for $3.74; fans of amazing discounts can try VASARA Collection for only $0.99; to explore a bizarre world with a cat, try Another Sight for $23.99; to get your legal on, try Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for $14.99; to go old school, try the Gunman Clive HD Collection for $2.99; SHMUP fans should enjoy Blue Rider for $3.99; for another great sale, try Steamburg for $0.49; or for more rogue fun, try Moonlighter for $9.99; to experience the music, try Just Shapes & Beats for $14.99; or for an amazing discount on a tremendous platformer, try Runner3 for $1.39; be a bombslinging cowboy in Bombslinger for $4.99; or fight aliens as Space Dave for $0.99; and finally, if you haven’t tried it yet, you need to experience Axiom Verge for $11.99. To see the other sales, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Strawberry Vinegar

If you want something fun to look forward to in next week’s Nintendo Download, try the following digital titles. Turn based strategy fans can anticipate 1971 Project Helios. If you need some twin-stick fantasy, there’s Demon’s Tier+. Or to save a “smoking hot babe”, try Jump King. And yes, that’s an actual quote from the game.

Nintendo Download | Potata: Fairy Flower

The following are the digital games worth checking out from this week’s Nintendo Download. Retro fans can enjoy Arcade Archives CRAZY CLIMBER2, Knight Squad and They Came From the Sky. Fans of beating up foes might enjoy Depth of Extinction and The TakeOver. Those who want to unwind with a story can try Strawberry Vinegar. Platformer fans can enjoy several titles – Outbuddies DX, Potata: Fairy Flower and Super Holobunnies: Pause Café. And for a new IP published by Konami, try Skelattack!

Nintendo Download | They Came From the Sky

Pretty solid Nintendo Download overall. Thanks as usual for joining oprainfall for your weekly does of Nintendo goodness, take care and see you next time!

Nintendo Download | Skelattack

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