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Remakes for videos games have never been an unusual thing. All the way back from the SNES era, games like Super Mario All Stars remade all the classic NES Mario games, and even included the Lost Levels as well. However, back then it was something of an odd treat to see an old game get remade, but nowadays remakes are announced and released every couple of months. Whether that be a standard remaster from a previous generation, or a full blown, built form the ground up remake.

But now that we are all used to these big budget AAA remakes of classic retro games, I am starting to see more people asking for remakes of other classic titles. There’s nothing wrong with that on its own, but the reasons for them wanting for these games to be remade is, in my opinion, frustrating. As the main thrust of their argument is that older video games are just so old and bad nowadays, that a remake is not only  a good thing, but also necessary for people to get enjoyment out of those games.

Join me for a bit of a moan, as I explain why video game remakes are no substitute for playing the original. And that by wanting more and more remakes, you are actively hurting the franchises you think you are supporting.

(Also, special thanks to corrupted_save regular Shlotz for my water mark)

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