Well folks, this wasn’t going to be a very meaty Nintendo Download, but then Nintendo unveiled a surprise Direct Mini this morning! While our site has covered the latest news about Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition already (shocker, I know), there were other games announced. And while I won’t cover them all in depth, let’s gloss over the highlights.

Nintendo Download | Ninjala Logo

2K is bringing a bunch of series to Switch, including Bioshock, Borderlands and XCOM. I was happy to see a new expansion for Marvel Ultimate Alliance: The Black Order. It’s called Shadow of Doom, and as a comic fanboy, that can only mean one thing – Fantastic Four! I was happy to see their emerald nemesis Doctor Doom looking totally bad-ass in the trailer, and it gives me plenty of incentive to start playing my own copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. One surprise was Shinsekai: Into the Depths, a promising looking aquatic platformer with underwater monsters that’s out today. Animal Crossing fans got news about a new update that will make New Horizons more Easter-y than usual.

Nintendo Download | Shinsekai

Atlus is also bringing the sexy madness of Catherine to Switch with Catherine: Full Body. And though I’m not that invested in it, Ring Fit Adventure is getting a free update which adds rhythm game mode. It lets you play to the music from several classic Nintendo series. Then a tactical game called King’s Bounty II was shown off, and it looked like a fun medieval romp. My ears perked up when I heard that Smash Ultimate is getting new DLC this June, and it’s going to be an ARMS fighter. Adding to the ARMS news, those who have Nintendo Switch Online will be able to try the full ARMS game for free from 3/26 – 4/6. Fans of more old school games might be excited about Club House Games: Worldwide Classics, which has some 51 games, such as Chess, Mahjong and much more, along with inexplicable touch controls.

Nintendo Download | Smash Ultimate Fighter Pass 6

Then cool looking free to play bubblegum Ninja game, called Ninjala, finally got a May 27th release date. Panzer Dragoon Remake was looking great, and it’s out today. And the Mini had a montage of upcoming games. Perhaps the most exciting news to come out of the Mini, at least for me, were the following. Sword and Shield had more news for the upcoming June Isle of Armor update, which hits at the end of June. But most exciting was the reveal of Bravely Default II. It has the same look and style of the first two games, just with a bit more flash and panache. As a fan of the Bravely titles, that’s really fantastic news, as is the fact it has a free demo today! Whew, that was a big info drop. Let’s continue this Nintendo Download with your regularly scheduled coverage.

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Nintendo Download | One Piece 4

The only featured title for today’s Nintendo Download involves a certain stretchable pirate. That game is ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4. If you’re a fan of crazy abilities and flashy anime style, then you will want to check the game out when it’s officially out tomorrow. Next up, let’s check out some sales courtesy of the Game Guide.

Nintendo Download | Chaos Code

If you want to play a retro romp with a strange style, try Dogurai for $2.49; to try something different, there’s Dezatopia for $16.99; for a frenetic SHMUP, look no further than UBERMOSH:OMEGA for only $0.99; for a duo of titles, try Indie Gems Bundle – JRPG Edition for $9.99; to beat up some thugs, try River City Girls for $20.99; for colorful strategy, try Chroma Squad for $9.99; to take a gamble, try Super Weekend Mode for $3.49; for rogue fun, try Tangledeep for $9.99; to enjoy a nice discount, there’s My Brother Rabbit for only $1.49; for mayhem with lots of challenge, try Hyper Light Drifter – Special Edition for $9.99; for platforming in space, try Flinthook for $8.99; and lastly, to help a maiden win the day, try Blossom Tales for $7.49. To see all the other discounted Switch games, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Bubble Bobble 4 Friends

The following digital titles are out for next week’s Nintendo Download. Fans of dungeon crawling might appreciate Operencia: The Stolen Sun. Those that love retro platforming might like Stones of the Revenant. And lastly, for a double dose of nostalgia, look no further than Bubble Bobble 4 Friends!

Nintendo Download | Ara Fell Enhanced Edition

Next, let’s check out some digital games for this week’s Nintendo Download. For your retro fix, try the following – Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition or Duck Souls+. For those that love bang for your buck, try the Card Game Bundle Vol. 1 or Indie Darling Bundle Vol 2. Fans of puzzles might appreciate CopperBell, Mekorama and NecroWorm. For something violently different, try Repressed. To beat up some fighters, try CHAOS CODE -NEW SIGN OF CATASTROPHE-. RPG fans have some incredible offerings – Children of Zodiarcs, Grand Guilds and Sin Slayers. And lastly, for a genre bending title, try One Step From Eden.

Nintendo Download | Grand Guilds

All in all, a much more exciting Nintendo Download than I was expecting. Thanks as always for joining oprainfall for your weekly Nintendo Download, stay safe and be sure to tune in next week.

Nintendo Download | One Step From Eden

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