Yesterday Sabotage, who you might know from their release of The Messenger, have opened a Kickstarter for their next project. It is a turn based RPG named Sea of Stars. This is a prequel story set in the same universe as The Messenger. The graphic have a crisp look to them with plenty of dynamic lighting. The team is promising great storytelling with a good bit of nostalgia and of course plain and simple fun.

The Sea of Stars Kickstarter has blasted through its initial goal and a couple of the stretch goals already raising around $175,000 as of the time of writing. The next goal will add in-game cinematics and they have not specified what will be added once this goal is achieved.

Reward packages range from base game at CA$25, a little more at CA$35 that will give you more perks and digital artbook all the way up to CA$200 tier that will have the game’s artist put a monument you help design in the in game crypt and much more.

Steve Baltimore
Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.