There were a bunch of great games shown during today’s Indie World presentation. And while Aaron did a great job of covering those earlier, we felt it also wouldn’t hurt to get some additional coverage and deeper looks at a few games. That first game is a co-op SHMUP in space called B.Ark.

B.Ark | Screen 1

I thought B.Ark looked compelling just cause it was a colorful and insane SHMUP. Sure I’m not always excited for a multiplayer focused adventure, but fun is fun. But then I heard it was by none other than Tic Toc Games, who had previously developed the delightful Kickstarted platformer called The Adventures of Pip! As a backer of that game, I suddenly was really interested in B.Ark. First thing to know is that the title is an acronym for Bio-Interstellar Ark. It’s meant to be played with friends, but I would wager there will probably be a single player mode as well. Second thing is you play animals piloting ships blasting alien scum.

B.Ark | Screen 2

To read some more details about this SHMUP headed to Nintendo Switch in late 2020, just keep reading below for some facts straight from Tic Toc themselves.

Team BARK is reporting for duty! Pugs, cats, bears, and bunnies are saving the solar system!

B.Ark | Screen 3

Call your friends over to pilot powerful yet adorable ships as you team up against waves of enemies in a side scrolling shooter. Navigate the galaxy, create unique attack strategies with your team, upgrade your ships, and explore the solar system to find a challenging secret ending!

B.Ark | Screen 4

Key Features:

  • Couch co-op gameplay allows you to rescue your friends and combine ship abilities
  • Defeat enemies, collect coins, and upgrade your ships with whimsical weapons
  • Each animal offers a unique gameplay experience
  • Multiplayer party game modes to play with friends and family
Josh Speer
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