The Atari classic is getting a fresh new update for mobile devices in Missile Command: Recharged, as announced today in a press release. The original Missile Command hit arcades in 1980 and tasked the player with defending cities from incoming missile attacks by launching anti-missiles. The game made use of a trackball rather than a more traditional arcade joystick to move a cursor across the screen. It also saw numerous ports and sequels to many different platforms over the years.

Developed by Nickervision Studios and published by Atari, Missile Command: Recharged brings a more modern aesthetic to the table with a neon lights look somewhat reminiscent of Geometry Wars and other games like it. Other modernized updates to the classic gameplay include power-ups, new unlockable skills, and of course, touch-screen controls replacing the old trackball.

Missile Command: Recharged launches on March 26th for iOS and Android. You can pre-order this free game now. It will contain ads but will also give players the option to actually buy the game and play it ad-free. Checkout the press release below for more information:

Missile Command: Recharged puts players back in the familiar seat of a missile commander tasked with protecting cities from a devastating missile bombardment. Launch powerful counter-missiles to protect your base and target powerups to gain an edge during intense brink-of-destruction moments! With new upgradable skills and intuitive touch-screen controls, Missile Command: Recharged expertly blasts into the modern age — just in time for the 40th anniversary of the original!

Developed by Nickervision Studios and published by Atari, Missile Command: Recharged boasts familiar gameplay that is reminiscent of its namesake while delivering a totally modernized gameplay experience, with new features exclusive to mobile platforms. With the ability to take the missile-blasting fun on the go, Missile Command: Recharged promises quick, high-intensity play sessions sure to recharge any mundane affair!

Players can dive into the fun of Missile Command: Recharged when it launches on the App Store and Google Play on March 26. Missile Command: Recharged will be free-to-play, with an optional one-time purchase to play unobstructed and ad-free.

Aaron Evangelisti
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