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(18+) REVIEW: Imouto Paradise 3

Title Imouto Paradise 3
Publisher MangaGamer
Release Date February 13th, 2020
Genre Visual Novel
Platform PC
Age Rating 18+
Official Website

MOONSTONE’s long running franchise, Imouto Paradise, has once again been released by MangaGamer. In Imouto Paradise 3 you will spend time with the Nanase household doing what they do best, keeping it in family. This time it is the cousin of the original game’s protagonist that finds himself longing after his sisters. This game follows the standard formula for this franchise, but let’s see if it has the quality of the previous titles.

The story is the usual affair. The Nanase’s parents have gone away for the summer leaving the protagonist older brother in the care of his sisters. He is reluctant to give into his desires for a while, but soon folds under the pressure. Just like in other entries each of the sisters have a route for you to explore as well as a harem route if you just cannot choose your favorite imouto. There is no path-finding here, just choose the girl you want to spend time with or do nothing for a few weeks to start the harem route.

Imouto Paradise 3 | Swimsuits

I think the franchise here might be the best ever. I know fans of girls from the previous two games are rioting now in defense of their favorite imouto, but let me be clear there are no bad girls in the Imouto Paradise franchise. I just felt a better connection with this crew then the previous ones. Rika especially just stole my heart right from the beginning. A spunky, perfect tsundere that is as lewd as the day is long. Add her amazing cuteness and I was drawn like a moth to a flame!

Imouto Paradise 3 Rika

While Rika is my personal favorite, the other girls have amazing qualities as well. Sakura is the perfect wife imouto. She is pretty submissive in most things and only wants to make her brother happy. She is super happy when he helps her cook dinner, and loves to be complimented on her cooking. All of the sisters are very thankful for all she does for them as well. Sakura comes off as always having a genuine love for him and her route is vanilla and cute.


Imouto Paradise 3 | Sakura

Hiharu was my 2nd favorite of this cast for many reasons. I love tomboyish girls and she fits that to a tee. She lacks tact in most situations and is always super high energy. She plays tennis a lot and can be kind of a glutton when it comes to food. She swears it all goes to her boobs, and from the looks of her that might just be true! I really love when she acts girlish since it’s out of character for her and just adds to her overall cuteness.

Imouto Paradise 3 | Cute

Next up we have the youngest of the sisters, Hinata. This is the sweetest and most adorable girl here. She is very innocent when it comes to matters of sex and I feel the protagonist takes advantage of her in most cases. She doesn’t seem to mind it, and in fact seems quite happy with his advances. This route is very lovey dovey with lots of cuddles and of course pats. While this may not be the most exciting story found here, it was definitely comforting.

Imouto Paradise 3 | Pats

Zakuro is our last sister, and she is anything but comforting. This is our resident sadist that loves to read and write novels. She uses the super lewd things she does with her brother in the stories that she writes and she may be the most insatiable girl in the franchise to date. Most guys may joke “that girl is gonna sex me to death”, but she may actually be able to pull that off. This is by far the most extreme route in the game, but it’s still pretty tame by most measures.

Imouto Paradise 3 | Ice Cream

Now that we’ve discussed the characters let’s talk about the artwork in Imouto Paradise 3. In short, it is outstanding. MOONSTONE games have a distinct style in their CGs that I have always loved and this is no exception. All of the scenes are very detailed and erotic. The live 2D scenes add an extra layer to an already delicious cake, and while there is a fair amount of them, I’d like to see more in the next entry. The eroge scenes here are all pretty vanilla by nature, but there is a great variety. Scenes feature public sex, bath sex, some light toy use and more. Every scene is 100% uncensored with not a mosaic in sight.

The music here is pretty bog standard for the most part. All of the songs are pretty light and fluffy and fit the mood of the story quite well. The ending themes are sung by the girls as you complete their routes and I thought that was a very nice touch. All of the voice acting is in Japanese and the cast does an outstanding job. Their performances add a lot to not only the character work, but eroge scenes as well. You probably need a pair of headphones for this one if you don’t want folks nearby to hear the glorious moans here, but if you don’t mind, caring is sharing I suppose.

imouto paradise 3 | water fight

I personally had a great time with Imouto Paradise 3. I loved all of the girl’s personalities and felt the story had enough to keep you interested without going into anything too deep. The incest theme will turn off some players, but I think the title is a dead giveaway as to what you should expect here. The artwork and live 2D is top quality and voice acting just makes everything come together like a fine wine. It will take you around 10 to 12 hours to complete and will set you back $44.95. Some may consider this a steep price, but as the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” That certainly holds true here. If you love cute girls and Nukige is your thing, this is a must own title.

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