hyper misao

Hyper Misao is currently a professional wrestler working for DDTs sister brand Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. She debuted with the comedy gimmick of a deluded face (good guy), who would often cheat to win whilst proclaiming herself to be a hero. But as her time in the promotion continued, she would go into detail as to why she chose to become a pro wrestler.

This video chronicles Hyper Misao’s history throughout her time in Tokyo Joshi. From her debut as Hyper Misao and her losing streak to when she teams with Sakisama, and her dominating tag title run. I’m not sure how interested you are with professional wrestling, especially with women’s only Japanese wrestling. However, in my opinion pro wrestling is a valid form of storytelling that allows you to view a character grow over years of performances. In regards of whether this type of content is a fit for a website I couldn’t tell you, but surely a niche topic like this can find a place on this website that features niche topics right?

Let me know if after watching you found an appreciation for pro wrestling, if you weren’t interested in it to start, and if you still find it a bit lame then that’s okay to.

inb4: “wrestling’s fake”, this video features a french aristocrat from renaissance France, who hypnotizes people by injecting them with a green liquid with help from her undead master.

(Also, special thanks to corrupted_save regular Shlotz for my water mark)


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