oprainfall | Azur Lane: Crosswave

oprainfall | Azur Lane: Crosswave

With just over a week remaining until launch, the 3D action shooter, Azur Lane: Crosswave, is now available to pre-order on Steam! The pre-purchase bundle on Steam will get you a 20% discount and the deluxe pack for free according to the press release. For both Steam and PlayStation 4, it will be launching on February 13th. For players in Europe, the game will launch on February 21st. The press release also says that Neptune, from the Neptunia series, will be available as a free download for one month after launch on both platforms. After that, you will have missed your chance, as she will not be available for purchase or download beyond that point.

Neptunia | Neptune
Neptune from the Neptunia series.


There will also be three DLC bundles available: DLC Bundle, Deluxe Bundle, and Complete Bundle. The deluxe pack includes 5 wallpapers available in several resolutions, the soundtrack, and an Azur Lane: Crosswave desktop theme. The limited edition is available on the IFI Online Store. If you want a physical copy of the standard edition for PS4, you can get it at the same place, or from Limited Run Games.

Azur Lane Crosswave


The latest update also looks at the battle mechanics. Each character has unique traits, like movement speed, or the ability to create a shield. Players can switch between playable characters in battle using the directional buttons. Each character can have up to two weapons equipped. Some characters have longer reload time, and different types of weapons. Meanwhile, an aircraft carrier-class character can equip three types of planes (fighters, bombers, and attackers). Depending on which type is used, they may be manually or automatically deployed, and each comes with its own pros and cons. Players can also unleash a powerful attack when their Lock-On gauge is full, which will target foes that are within range. Each character belongs to one of five nations. Here are their descriptions as quoted from the press release:

  • Sakura Empire: An island nation in the east which abides by its culture of honor and tradition.
  • Eagle Union: The democratic federation which values the principles of freedom and harmony.
  • Royal Navy: The constitutional monarchy which prides itself in its glorious history of nobility.
  • Iron Blood: The military empire which strives for phenomenal advancements in technology.
  • Dragon Empery: A nation located on the eastern continent “Shinshu.” It is called Dragon Empery by outsiders, but by citizens it is called Donphan.

They also take a look at five Azur Lane: Crosswave support characters in the press release. The first one is Haruna of the Sakura Empire, who is the younger sister of Kongou. Her sister was raised in the Royal Navy, but Haruna was instead raised at the Sakura Empire. She longs to be as refined as her sister, but often solves her problems with her fists. She is now working separately from her sister at the Joint Military Exercise.

Azur Lane: Crosswave | Haruna


The next three support characters are all from the Eagle Union. Hammann is the first, and she is rarely honest about her feelings. Blushing more than Hammann is a difficult thing to do. She is taking part in the Joint Military Exercise hesitantly, but hopes to make new friends in the process.

Azur Lane: Crosswave | Hammann


Helena is the younger sister of St. Louis, and excels in a support role as a result of having a self-sacrificing nature. She wasn’t the most confident when she first joined, but since then she has gotten better at using SG radars to the point others now rely on her for help. She hopes to get to be with her sister and members of other nations while she takes part in the Joint Military Exercise.

Azur Lane: Crosswave | Helena


The third support character from the Eagle Union is Hornet. She is the younger sister of Enterprise, and is hardworking in spite of her appearance. Hornet is working to better herself and accomplish greater goals, though living up to her sister is a rather tough task. She takes after her sister when it comes to leadership, and she also has lots of friends. She decided to go to the Sakura Empire to cheer on those taking part in the Joint Military Exercise.

Azur Lane: Crosswave | Hornet


The last of the five support characters covered in the press release is Prince of Wales, an important member of the Royal Navy. She has lots of grace and charisma, and resides at the Sakura Empire with Hood. She puts all of her effort into supporting the Joint Military Exercise for the Royal Navy. She is very interested in the performance and fine dining while she is there.

Azur Lane: Crosswave | Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales


You can find out more about Azur Lane: Crosswave at the official website. The standard edition will cost you $49.99, while the limited edition is $99.99. Azur Lane: Crosswave is rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB.

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