re zero | swimsuit

The visual novel Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss now has some pre-order bonuses. These bonuses will include a special costume DLC, and some physical items featuring some of the women of the series in swimsuits, as seen above. However, the content will differ depending on who you pre-order from. Here are the following:

animate: Big noren curtain featuring Rem

re:zero | swimsuit A3 clear poster featuring Rem

re:zero | swimsuit

Gamers: B2 tapestry featuring Rem and Ram (rough picture)

re:zero | swimsuit

Sofmap: B2 tapestry featuring Rem

re:zero | swimsuit

WonderGOO: B2 tapestry featuring Emilia

re:zero | swimsuit

These items are limited in supply however. Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss will be coming out in Japan for the PS4 and PS Vita in Japan on March 23, 2017. There is currently no word on a English release. For more information regarding the game, you can check out our article here. Or if you wish to know what is in the Limited Edition of the game, we also have an article here as well.



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