Mokoko Screen

Nostalgic arcade-inspired puzzle shooter Mokoko debuts on Steam Feb. 17, says developer NAISU.

Inspired by arcade games like Volfied, Qix and Gals Panic, Mokoko is an adult-themed anime game in which you have to save girls from various troublemakers. The aim of the game is to move along the edges of a rectangular board and draw out your area, unveiling each girl’s photo in the process; however, drawing deactivates the player’s shield, leaving them exposed to danger.

Mokoko features eight ladies, 24 bosses, 24 minions, four traps, four power-ups, and two towers along with absurd stories and dialogue. A popular gaming style in the late 1980’s, Mokoko looks to resurrect the soul of the arcade genre while adding a modern touch. The game also includes an Endless (Arcade) Mode and online high scores for hardcore players.

A playable demo is available now on Steam.


  • 8 girls to save
  • 24 levels with 24 unique bosses with their minions
  • 24 absurd stories that will reveal details about the bosses and the girls
  • Lovely graphics!
  • Traps, towers, crates and bonus effects
  • Arcade style
  • Nostalgia remastered!


  • Help out Iren with her arachnophobia and fight with the imaginary spider Mr. Fyodorov.
  • Protect Tiffany’s house from getting pillaged by the ghost pirates stuck inside the anchors. They were not the bane of Seven Seas – the crew was killed in their first naval battle.
  • Toru wished to be a mosquito to annoy people. A local witch heard him, and transformed him into a mosquito. Now he causes trouble to people every night.
Leah McDonald
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