The Nintendo Download is here again and for the week of 8/11/16, there’s some real quality offerings; very little shovelware this time and lots of classics to enjoy, sales to try out and even some compelling new games! Without further ado, let’s get to some of the better stuff straight away.

Tadpole Treble Nintendo Download

First off, there is one very exciting new release for the eShop today in the form of Tadpole Treble. This project was Kickstarted a while back and it looked fun, fresh and different enough to catch my attention. Better yet, it was made with the Wii U in mind, so it will make use of the Gamepad functionality as well as having massive bosses and other goodies to enjoy! There is also Mario Sports Mix, which has iconic Nintendo characters playing hockey, dodgeball, basketball and volleyball. In typical Nintendo fashion you can also carry out splashy special moves. More exciting, at least in my humble opinion, is the release of Mega Man X on the Virtual Console! This is a fantastic game, and one which marked the transition from classic Mega Man games to the more futuristic, darker games of the X series. Definitely worth owning if you don’t already have it, or if you just want the convenience of playing it on your Wii U.

Mega Man X | Nintendo Download

On the sales front there are some cool games as well. For the Wii U, the fantastic and relatively obscure Nano Assault NEO is 25% off until August 25th, Trine Enchanted Edition and Trine Director’s Cut are on sale, and the indie AeternoBlade is also 25% off until August 25th. For 3DS some truly amazing games are on sale. First up, Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millenium Girl, the utterly fantastic Stella Glow, as well as other Atlus titles are on sale. If you have no objection, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies and Ace Attorney Trilogy are both on sale until August 18th. And while it’s true there are other titles on sale this week, these are the only ones I think are worthy of your hard-earned money. Some of the other titles on sale are Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D, 4 Elements, Chain Blaster, 3D Streets of Rage, 3D Shinobi III and more.

Phoenix Wright | Nintendo Download

And last but not least, the following are newly released this week – Ambition of the Slimes for the 3DS, Surfin’ Sam – Attack of the Aqualites for Wii U, and 360 Breakout for Wii U. No new Themes this week or other goodies, but frankly, with sales like this, you don’t really need to worry about prettying up your consoles. Make sure you check these sales out and take advantage of a good thing while you can! Tune in to oprainfall next time for the latest and greatest Nintendo Download.

Nano Assault Neo | Nintendo Download

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