Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel is out now on MangaGamer, Steam and the Discord store. The soundtrack and vocal collection is also available at   This is OVERDRIVE’s heart-wrenching tale of love and happiness with some heavy feels.

In this cold, cruel world where happiness is finite, and the pursuit is fraught with pain and suffering, what does it really mean to be happy? Love? The absence of pain?
If you were gifted with the ability to revive fading loves, would you choose to do so? Would you let them all play out? Would you try reviving all of them? Or would you pick and choose, deciding which love, which happiness was worth trying to save? What about your own?
Available for pre-order now from MangaGamer, this highly emotional tale of love, pain, and the complexity of human relationships will be coming to MangaGamer and Steam this winter on December 19th. Fans will also be able to order a deluxe edition that includes the game’s OST and vocal albums from the in-game band!
Bokuten – Why I Became an Angel is rated 18+ on MangaGamer and Mature on Steam and Discord. Folks can download a free 18+ patch from MangaGamer for the other version if they wish to do so.
I am super stoked to check this one out myself. Been a long time since I read a Visual Novel the left me completely broken. Thanks Little Busters!
Steve Baltimore
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