Making It Rainfall Week 27: Link’s Winter Wonderland

Monday, December 16th, 2019

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It’s time for the latest and greatest Making It Rainfall, just in time for the holiday season. Starting with this week, from now on this Super Mario Maker 2 inspired segment is only occurring once a month, though we’re making up for it with 3 levels each from our writers. This month is all about Winter and the holiday season, so expect lots of snow and ice. In addition, since the Zelda update recently dropped, we all did one Zelda inspired level as well. So put on a scarf, grab your mittens and come out to play in the snow with Making It Rainfall!

Font’s Levels

Level 1 – Gerudo Archery Training
Course ID – T30-G8H-PRG

Making It Rainfall | Gerudo Archery Training 3

Welcome to the Gerudo Archery Training Course! Your goal is to hit at least 20 targets on the ride through. I tried to make moving targets, but the only way to do it is to start a bumper and a coin on separate rails and try to merge them. This proved to be too much of a problem, so I had to give up on moving targets. Anyway, there are also a few hidden 1-Ups in this stage, but not in the riding section of the level.

This is a very clever Link based level courtesy of Font. Because it’s Gerudo themed, it obviously takes place in a desert. The idea is to ride a platform and shoot at least 20 coins as you weave around. Which is a very cool idea. My problem is I got knocked off very quickly, and thought I would have to restart the whole thing. Thankfully, you can still beat the level that way, by bouncing off the bumpers and taking shots in mid air. It’s harder, but the mark of a good design is one that works even when played differently. A fun stage with a somewhat flawed execution, but still well worth playing.

Gerudo Archery Training 4

Level 2 – Snowball Hills
Course ID – YP2-HBK-1VG

Making It Rainfall | Snowball Hills 2

Make your way through Snowball Hills, using snowballs to overcome obstacles along the way. Some of the natives of this area may not be the most happy to see you, but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem, even if they do throw a few snowballs your way. There are two 50 coins in this level, and a few hidden 1-Ups as well.

I really liked this Making It Rainfall course. Unlike the last one, it’s executed with precision, and is essentially a giant series of puzzles you have to solve to progress. Typically involving snowballs, which makes sense. I’ve never seen so many snowballs used in such a variety of ways. A very fun little level.

Snowball Hills 3

Level 3 – Snow Fields Kart Race
Course ID – C2K-PG1-MXF

Making It Rainfall | Snow Fields Kart Race 2

Race your way through the snowy fields to be the fastest, and have fun running over a few baddies along the way! Dash pads will help you jump farther, but watch out for obstacles along the way. There are multiple paths through this level, but the higher ones are harder. The sub-area actually has four different routes. There are two 50 coins hidden in this race course, with a few 1-Ups also hiding around.

This is a really fast paced kart ride, and it’s a lot of fun too. Just be careful you don’t fall to your death, cause that did happen to me once. There’s lots of bumpers and speed boosters, and traps everywhere, as well as deviously placed boxes that cause you to spin out. A fast and furious race to the finish line.

Snow Fields Kart Race 3

Josh’s Levels

Level 4 – Glittering Gauntlet
Course ID – W6Y-0G6-6LG

Making It Rainfall | Glittering Gauntlet 2

An ice cold coin hunt for hardcore plumbers only.

Much as I try not to do only obstacle courses in Making It Rainfall, this level is very much one. You need to catch enough frozen coins to exit, and they’re protected by all sorts of hazards. Mostly fiery menaces. I admit this is a very difficult stage, but I also think it’s fair. It’s also very short, so take a breath, be patient and give it a try.

Glittering Gauntlet 3

Level 5 – Winter Blunderland
Course ID – 38B-P7D-BBG

Making It Rainfall | Winter Blunderland 2

A fun jaunt in a snowy playground.

Unlike my last level, this one is very much geared towards more casual play. It’s slower paced, you can take your time, and there’s not much imminent danger to your life. You can very much still die, and there’s lots of sneaky snowballs that could knock you into a pit. Still, a laid back and fun course overall.

Winter Blunderland 3

Level 6 – Temple of Twinrova
Course ID – HDW-X05-83G

Making It Rainfall | Temple of Twinrova 2

Fire & Ice, Mario & Link, Bowser & Jr. Fight duality and find the Triforce!

I have to admit, I’m really proud of my design in this level. I tried to really lean into the Link powers, and made a course that tried to resemble a temple from The Legend of Zelda. There’s giant angry plants, tricky platforms and red coins you have to find to unlock the exit. And since it’s based off Twinrova, there’s both fire and ice in your path, as well as a dangerous duo of a boss.

Temple of Twinrova 3

Ken’s Levels

Level 7 – Mario’s Ice Climb
Course ID – R4F-21F-WLG

Making It Rainfall | Mario's Ice Climb 2

An Ice Climbers tribute where Mario must climb the mountain to enjoy a winter’s peak.

I will freely admit this is my favorite of Ken’s levels so far. Like the title suggests, this is a course strongly reminiscent of Ice Climbers, and it’s brilliant. You have to use snowballs thrown or shot at you to boost upwards, and even ride a cloud to the top. It’s really old school in the very best of ways.

Mario's Ice Climb 3

Level 8 – Mario is Link in Metroid
Course ID – RJ3-GWW-QRG

Making It Rainfall | Mario is Link in Metroid 2

A slice of Metroid 1 where you play as Link to get through and face an evil reptile.

Another very clever level. This one is very inspired by the original Metroid game, and hearkens back to it in many ways. One is how vertical this stage is, as well as some enemy placement. Lots of spiny terrors and other threats, but Zelda-Mario is more than game to take them on. And you even get a sort of Space Jump thanks to a Goomba riding a shoe!

Mario is Link in Metroid 3

Level 9 – A Snowball’s Chance
Course ID – CS6-VD0-SMG

Making It Rainfall | A Snowball's Chance 4

Snowball’s Chance, where you need to throw and kick up the snowball to get enough coins. Features two paths to take. To the right is a casual difficulty to collect all the coins by kicking over and upward the snowballs. The path up at the start is hard difficulty, with many enemies seeking to kill and only one snowball to last your entire trip.

This is one of those rare Making It Rainfall levels that is only as hard as you want it to be. Like Ken mentions, there’s an easy and a hard route, and boy is that hard route challenging. Either way, you have to use snowballs to collect at least 70 coins, though there’s a few more than that. Just be ready for the hard route, since it involves an enraged giant Bowser, traps everywhere and only one snowball with which to collect your coins.

A Snowball's Chance 3

Welcome to your nightmare…

We hope you all enjoyed this latest batch of Making It Rainfall levels! Join us in the New Year for the next batch, and thanks for tuning into oprainfall for your gaming needs.

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