Castle in the Darkness is one of those games I was super eager to play after seeing the trailer, and then I bought it and somehow forgot I owned it. Which is a very common problem for most gamers. Hell, a couple years ago before I got into Steam and purchased a Vita, I made fun of my friends saying they didn’t know how many games they owned, but now I’m firmly in the same boat, especially with my Switch backlog. But, since I still enjoy a good retro adventure, I find Castle in the Darkness very compelling. After all, it’s essentially a Metroidvania by Matt Kap, and despite apparently being super hard, it looked like my kind of game.

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Well, suffice to say I better dust off my copy of Castle in the Darkness soon, cause Matt Kap is working on a sequel! Along with Simon Parzer, who also had a hand in the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, they’re making a more visually modern adventure in a similar vein to the original. Castle in the Darkness 2 is currently only slated for PC, but I have a feeling it might make its way to consoles if it’s popular enough. And I fervently hope that’s the case, since the original game is still inexplicably exclusive to PC.

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If you’re a fan of retro inspired games, just check out the full press release and trailer below. And be sure to stay tuned to oprainfall for more Castle in the Darkness 2 news as it hits!

High-speed, exploration action-rpg!
is in development!

Castle in the Darkness 2 | Key Art

Toronto, Ontario; Vienna, Austria; Finland; Tokyo, Japan – December 2nd, 2019 – LABS Works, a newly formed indie studio started by industry veterans Matt Kap and Simon Parzer who previously worked together on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, today announced that Castle in the Darkness 2 is now in development, a sequel to 2015’s Castle In The Darkness. This sequel offers a similar brand of high-speed, action-rpg exploration to the first game, but launches it to new heights!

“Castle in the Darkness 2 still features pixel art, but the fidelity has received a major upgrade” says Kap of the new game. “I’m really pushing my limits. I made the first game with an 8-bit aesthetic to keep it fast and simple because I was working on it mostly alone”, says Kap. “But now with Simon taking care of all the technical stuff, along with a few talented specialists, I can focus 100% of my effort on producing the best graphics, music and game design that I’m able to. That’s an incredible feeling!”

Castle in the Darkness 2 | Reapers

Though details are sparse at the moment, Kap implores everyone to follow LABS on social media. “We will be publishing mini-trailers on the 2nd day of every month that will show off a specific aspect of the game or its development. We have lots of surprises in store, and we’re super excited to share them with you!”

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