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Chemically Bonded | Naomi

After many updates following its Kickstarter campaign, Chemically Bonded is finally available. Furthermore, you can get it on Steam for the low price of $8.99 right now. Two years of updates and memes are finally coming to fruition. The dynamic duo of ds-sans and DEVGRU-P are together once more to create a deep romantic read unlike any other. However it’s not just them, as several voice actors lend their talent to the project. The combination of highly respected people make this a must-read. It can even make some people’s visual novel of the year lists! Sadly, that’s for another time. A heartfelt congratulations from all of us to ds-sans and the team for the release. Please consider checking Chemically Bonded out!

What’s the story?

Between two girls’ hearts lies a rift. One of misunderstanding, conflicting views and deceit. Each having a dream far too different from that of the other, but somehow keeping themselves ever so similar. Struggling to keep up with your own responsibilities, you stopped being a dreamer long ago. By chance, the lives of these two girls engrosses your world as you unwittingly form new bonds with them whilst trying to mend the broken ones they once held so dear. Maybe then, their dreams can come to fruition as you learn more about them and what matters the most to you.

Who worked on it?

Scenario, Programming, UI: ds-sans

Original Artwork: Jun Project, mB0sco

Original Score: L. Dougherty, Red Robotix

Main Heroine VAs: N i i, Amber Barile

Publisher: DEVGRU-P

Full cast and credits available in-game.


Diego Hernandez
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