Fate/Grand Order | New Character

Fate/Grand Order | New Character

The next Pseudo-Singularity in Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant, The Forbidden Advent Garden, Salem – Heretical Salem, will launch for the NA server on December 2, 2019. To celebrate the chapter’s upcoming release, the official English Twitter and Facebook pages for the game will be holding a Pre-Release. For each level of combined Facebook Reactions/Shares and Twitter Likes/Retweets, Masters (Players) will be able to receive special rewards, including a total of 10 Saint Quartz.

You can check out the full list of rewards below.

Fate/Grand Order | Salem, Pre-Release Campaign

The game’s official website describes Heretical Salem as follows:

This is a story of the most damaging and deranged of all the encounters to be held to be had in Fate/Grand Order.

Described as “seven days full of mystery in a town bound by the strictest of laws, and where combat is forbidden,” a truly heretical and deranged story unlike anything in Fate/Grand Order’s history is about to unfold.

The chapter’s story is as follows:

It happened suddenly… without warning.

It snuffed out all the light of the land, and it enveloped an entire town under cover of night. Such a phenomenon can only be described as… darkness.

The enormous, malicious magical energy emanating from within the darkness bears a strong resemblance to the shadow of one of the Demon Gods who attempted the Incineration of Humanity.

What will become of this heretical land when the causes of this evil are eradicated?

You can check out the trailer for Heretical Salem below.


Fate/Grand Order is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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