Professor layton

Just in case Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies doesn’t have enough puzzles for its fans, Level 5 has announced that they will be offering downloadable puzzles. Every day. For a year. Plus 20 more to get you started.

Layton download puzzles menu

That comes to a whopping total of 385 puzzles, and that’s just on the downloadable side of things; there is going to be over 500 puzzles already packed into the game on purchase. There are even trophies tied to these puzzles that you can use to decorate your own room in-game.

Of course, the game itself should already come with plenty of content, at least judging by what little we know about the story. More details on that are coming to light as well–a mysterious item known only as the “Egg” will play a pivotal role, but Layton and crew will have to be careful: a group dressed completely in black is after them.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies came out February 28th in Japan, marking the sixth entry in Level 5’s wonderful puzzle franchise and rounding off the second trilogy. There’s still no word on an English release, but we’re still hoping, aren’t we?

Phil Schipper
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