Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Have you ever just wanted to command legions of eldritch horrors and punish those who defy your will? Well now you can, and just in time for Halloween, with the release of action hybrid strategy game Sea Salt.

In Sea Salt, players take command of Dagon, the Old God of the sea, to summon and control an unruly swarm of nightmarish creatures and lead them through a gothic dark fantasy. Players will need to use fear and the element of surprise as weapons to overcome wily hunters and tenacious bosses on the way to claiming the true sacrifice.

From developers YCYJ:

For years Dagon was willing to offer humanity fair winds for their fishing vessels in exchange for their prayers, and a sacrifice when the time came. The humans were happy to enjoy the riches and prosperity provided by Dagon. They knew the price, but cowardice overtook their faith when the time came to collect their debts. The Bishop of the new faith defied Dagon’s will so the horrors of the deep salt veins of the sea will emerge to claim what is theirs.

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  • Command an unruly troop of nightmarish creatures, cultists and horrors from the deep
  • Control the whole swarm at once, directing it to attack victims or withdraw to avoid defenses
  • Use the terrain to surprise and surround the weak minded to make them lose their minds to fear
  • Discover cards in a hellish tarot to unlock 19 different units with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Hunters, and special bosses alike, will be swept away on the path to vengeance

In addition to the story campaign, Sea Salt includes a tower defense mode, with the followers of Dagon on the attack. NPC humans begin the round by setting up guards and defenses on the map, then it’s up to the player to destroy it all for the glory of the Old God. Different maps feature different win conditions, with special enemies from the story mode.

Sea Salt will launch on the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox One on Oct. 17, 2019.

Leah McDonald
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