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Heart of the Woods | Tara

Studio Élan opens the flood gates to the special Heart of the Woods Kickstarter! In our previous report, all we had was the date and goal. Today, all is available so let’s take a look at all the spicy details. This campaign aims to fund the charismatic voice acting for the unforgettable reading experience. For clarification, the game is already available on various platforms, except a big one. In light of this, the developers will offer a Nintendo Switch digital copy to all $15 backers. Physical and digital rewards aplenty throughout the various tiers. Most notably, the art books and soundtracks both of which are outstanding aspects of the actual game. In this writer’s opinion, the $75 Collector’s Edition is a must have. The developer even confirms that you will be able to choose between PC or Nintendo Switch if they reach the stretch goal of $35,000.

Speaking of goals, the amount of money needed to secure funding sits at $17,000. At the time of writing, the Heart of the Woods campaign has accumulated just over $11,000. Making it clear that the passionate fans of the story showed up for the occasion. If you are curious about the project, consider reading both our interview with the director of the game and our review. Operation Rainfall wishes Studio Élan great success during this campaign and thanks them for featuring our review! If you’re even more curious what the voices would sound like, a trailer has been uploaded to promote the campaign.

Diego Hernandez
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