The free BlüeBERRY EdiTION update for the dungeon-crawler platformer GoNNER is now live across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. This follows a period of the free DLC having Xbox One timed exclusivity. It also happens to be the final update to the game from developer Art in Heart.

In addition to more blueberries, GoNNER – BlüeBERRY EdiTION includes a new world to explore, updated visuals, a new head that grants an upward attack, and new enemies.

To cap off the development of GoNNER, the team at Art in Heart had a farewell message to fans, expressing their gratitude and how they look forward to taking what they learned on GoNNER and applying it to future projects.

“Seasons change and as Autumn turns to Spring, we will be looking towards a few new interesting games we have been tinkering with, and with that we will not be updating anything on GoNNER from here on. Main reason is that after years of adding content and porting and showing the game at events etc, we need to explore something new. Learn something new. Try something new. Apply what we learnt while making GoNNER to something new. We are stupidly proud that GoNNER found its home on so many amazing consoles and platforms, with a bunch of people who seem to love Sally (almost) as much as we do.”

GoNNER was originally released on PC in late-2016, and made its way to consoles the following year. Stay tuned to see whatever comes next from its developers and its publisher Raw Fury.


Alex Irish
When he's not writing about games, Alex Irish is an illustrator and animation expert. His favorite gaming franchise is Pokémon, full-stop, but his favorite game of all time is Resident Evil 4. He attended the first-ever IGN House Party and is a five-time attendee of the Ottowa International Animation Festival.