Well folks, it’s been a while since the last Making It Rainfall. That’s what happens whenever I attend PAX West, especially the years I cover it solo. I’m still catching up on all that writing, but since I’m nearly done, I figured this week would be best to return to oprainfall’s Super Mario Maker 2 inspired series. Also joining me this time are KenOD and Michael Fontanini AKA Font. The theme this outing was using Moon changed environments and building levels around them. There’s some crazy effects that this special form of lunacy causes, and this Making It Rainfall is devoted to showcasing them.

Font’s Levels

Level 1 – Coursebot Needs Mario’s Help
Course ID – H38-3P3-22G

Making It Rainfall | Coursebot 1

Something is wrong with Coursebot, and it seems to have gone haywire! Mario must get to the bottom of this. Once inside Coursebot, he will need to find 6 pink coins as he goes through bits of classic Mario levels from Mario Bros., Mario Bros. 3, and Super Mario World. They have been remixed slightly, and Coursebot’s malfunction has turned them upside down! There are also a number of hidden 1-Ups and a few secret areas to discover.

I’m always inspired by Michael’s levels, but this one was particularly clever. It’s very Meta, with the Coursebot from Mario Maker glitching out and the entire level is a collection of upside down classic stages. I’ve never given that much thought to the premise of my levels, though maybe I should start. I will say, this is the most challenging of Font’s stages I’ve played, though it’s still very fair. It’s just hard to navigate upside down. Plus, the level culminates in a boss fight against Jr and then the big Koopa himself. So if you want a fun challenge, this is your stage.

Making It Rainfall | Coursebot 2

Level 2 – Toxic Teeter Totters
Course ID – F6Q-KW1-HDF

Making It Rainfall | Toxic Teeter Totter 1

Mario must watch out for poison water and poison mushrooms as he traverses this level. A few giant piranha plants, wigglers, and dry bones may get in his way. There are four optional keys that he can find and use to unlock a secret treasure area. To get the keys, he’ll have to use weight to manipulate a seesaw if he wants to advance.

Despite the wonderful alliterative name, this level only uses a bit of toxic areas. But that’s totally fine, since the teeter totters are on full and brilliant display. There’s some incredibly clever level building at work here, using random items and foes, along with on / off switches, to transform some teeter totters into locked gates. Plus there’s good platforming with giant foes to avoid and lots of hidden goodies to find. Though you can technically beat this stage in a minute or so, I spent my time thoroughly enjoying everything it had to offer.

Making It Rainfall | Toxic Teeter Totter 2

Josh’s Levels

Level 3 – Topsy Turvy Test
Course ID – 9N0-JBH-M0G

Making It Rainfall | Topsy Turvy Test 1

A short 16 coin nightmare.

I’ve said before that my Making It Rainfall levels are rather minimalist compared to Font and Ken, and this particular stage proves it. I was trying to test out the upside down levels, and decided I’d rather make a short and sweet one than a long slog. Because let’s face it, it’s really tricky platforming upside down! And while this one is short, it’s also quite easy to die here. I have cranes, ice blocks, enemies and other tricks to throw you off your game. Good luck getting through this in one try!

Making It Rainfall | Topsy Turvy Test 2

Level 4 – Space Walk
Course ID – T0L-JXL-4GF

Making It Rainfall | Space Walk 1

Collect enough coins to escape the stars!

Whereas my last stage was short and sweet, this one is a bit more ambitious. I played with low gravity to make Space Walk. Navigate the clouds but don’t skimp on those coins! You need to collect at least 120 of them in order to escape, and there’s not many more beyond that amount. While there is no checkpoint here, I put enough mushrooms in blocks to give you the courage to make it through. Hopefully those who don’t like my last stage enjoy this one.

Making It Rainfall | Space Walk 2

Ken’s Levels

Level 5 – Night night mushroom wants a hug
Course ID – 142-GCT-YRG

Making It Rainfall | Night night mushroom 1

Avoid the clingy mushrooms and get enough coins to get home.

This entire stage is focused on the odd behavior of mushrooms in Moon stages. The lovely poison mushrooms will constantly be chasing you here, except for the section where your goal is to collect coins while avoiding irate flying Wigglers. You’ll definitely need to be constantly moving and paying attention to get through this stage unscathed, but it’s also quite entertaining.

Making It Rainfall | Night night mushroom 2

Level 6 – Sonic’s relaxing swim for Mario
Course ID – T8X-7Q8-MYF

Making It Rainfall | Sonic Swim 1

Swim as quickly as you can. Only fire should slow you down once. Sonic fun.

I’m gonna be honest – I don’t get the Sonic reference in the title here. That said, I really thought this was a fun stage. You only have a few short seconds to swim through this mad course, and it’s nearly pitch black. Like Ken suggests, your goal should be swimming as fast as possible, just watch out for fire and crazy Thwomps that chase you horizontally. A great, if somewhat tense, short little stage.

Making It Rainfall | Sonic Swim 2

Thanks for patiently waiting for this latest Making It Rainfall article! Me and the guys really like the challenge of coming up with new levels for everybody to play, even if it can be time consuming to make. Be sure to tune back into Making It Rainfall in October for some Halloween themed courses to enjoy!

Josh Speer
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