BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! | 2nd General Election

The official English social media accounts for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! have announced that the 2nd General Election will commence on September 11, 2019. In the game’s 1st General Election, fans voted on which band they would most like to play at their birthday party. Roselia ended up winning the English version’s election and received a special illustration and goods from Tokyo Otaku Mode. This time around, the theme of the election is, “Member Shuffle?! Which band would you support?” So instead of the usual groups (like Poppin’Party and Roselia), the band members are shuffled around and grouped together based on a certain theme. Fans will get to vote for their favorite shuffled group.

The themes of each group and their members are as follows:

Part Timers Anthem:

  • Aya Maruyama
  • Lisa Imai
  • Moca Aoba
  • Kanon Matsubara
  • Tsugumi Hazawa


  • Ran Mitake
  • Sayo Hikawa
  • Rimi Ushigome
  • Tomoe Udagawa
  • Eve Wakamiya


  • Kasumi Toyama
  • Tae Hanazono
  • Himari Uehara
  • Maya Yamato
  • Michelle (Misaki Okusawa)

Heart-Wrenching Ballad:

  • Yukina Minato
  • Kaoru Seta
  • Chisato Shirasagi
  • Saaya Yamabuki
  • Rinko Shirokane


  • Kokoro Tsurumaki
  • Hina Hikawa
  • Hagumi Kitazawa
  • Ako Udagawa
  • Arisa Ichigaya

Part Timers Anthem won the election in Japan while Heart-Wrenching Ballad won in Taiwan. The BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! EN 2nd General Election begins on September 11 at 00:00 PDT and runs until September 21 at 23:59 PDT. The 2nd General Election link will be announced once the voting commences. Which band will you support this time around?




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