Developer Nebelsoft and Publisher Top Hat Studios have recently released “Girls & Dungeons 2“, a standalone sequel to the 2017 release Girls & Dungeon.

This version is censored in order to be on Steam. You can get a free patch to access uncensored content from the publisher’s site.

You can get the game itself here or the complete set on sale via  Steam.


The game follows Barkeep “Kai”, who has but one goal – to become a legendary ‘Master Bartender’. However, he has yet to make any progress in the mysterious, seemingly timeless tavern he serves at. One fateful night however, a tipsy princess stumbles through the door – making an encounter that would change his life. He is left with little choice but to assist her throughout the labyrinth-like underground basements and dungeons that lay underneath the tavern, in order to chase after an evil wizard. Along the way, he’ll
learn the secrets of “liquormancy” – and the dungeon’s mystical “High Proof Spirit Maidens”.


  • An estimated 11-15 hours of diving in bewitching booze – themed  dungeons
  • Protect your maidens via classic, turn-based JRPG battle system
  • Mysterious and surprising ‘spirit sanctuaries’; full of fierce  critters and lewd secrets to unveil
  • Bartending-action: serve your maiden of choice liquor, in order to dive deeper into the dungeon.
  • Lots of custom actions and animations in battles focused on protection and strategy
  • Try to trigger the spirit-maiden’s “Potential” to annihilate your enemies in a swoop!
  • Mysticards: collect, use and equip magical cards to power up your party in any way you see fit

The game will soon be coming to other storefronts, including Nutaku, and Top Hat’s upcoming storefront “Hat Rack”.



Crystal Colwell
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