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oprainfall | Oxygen Not Included


Klei Entertainment is excited to announce that with the latest major update, Oxygen Not Included has left early access! The game has changed a lot since I did an early access review of it back in late July of 2017. You can do so much more with your base now than what was possible back then. There are many new technologies for your duplicants to utilize as you expand your base. Now they can even dig their way out and fly into space to make new discoveries. There is your standard survival mode, as well as a new less pressure “No Sweat” mode that wasn’t in the game before. It also has Steam Workshop support! Klei Entertainment has more in store for the game in the future as well. Here is the launch trailer:


Oxygen Not Included is a goofy, base building simulation game with gorgeous hand-drawn sprites that bring the world to life. It’s about managing your duplicants to help them survive, as well as expand their base and acquire new technologies and comforts. The game being silly is especially true when you add in the humorous animations and goofy sound effects that go with them, which add to the cartoony vibe. This makes your duplicants pretty amusing to watch at times, but it may encourage you to do evil things to them on purpose! The game is of course somewhat unforgiving regarding mistakes, as your job is to make sure your duplicants survive after all. It’s a lot of fun, though!

Klei Entertainment has also created a playlist on their YouTube channel containing all of the animated trailers they made for each major update so far. Oxygen Not Included is available on Steam ($24.99) and the Epic Game Store with a launch discount. With the launch discount, the game is $16.74 on both stores. This 33% discount lasts until August 6th.

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According to the latest patch notes linked in the press release, the latest major update added a number of new buildings:

  • Gas Range
  • Desalinator
  • Ethanol Distiller
  • Rust Deoxidizer
  • Wood Burner
  • Airborne Critter Bait
  • Great Monument Base, Midsection, and Top
  • Duplicant Motion Sensor
  • Park Sign

They’ve also added a couple of new critters to the world. They are Pokeshells and Pips. There are also these new plants:

  • Arbor Tree
  • Dasha Saltvine
  • Hexalent
  • Oxyfern
  • Waterweed

In addition to the new technologies, there are also new biomes (Tide Pools, Rust, and Forest), as well as a number of new food items for your duplicants to make to keep themselves fed:

  • Tofu
  • Spicy Tofu
  • Pacu Fillet
  • Cooked Fish
  • Mushroom Wrap
  • Surf’n’Turf
  • Frost Burger
  • Table Salt for improving foods

There are also new asteroid destinations and more. You’ll have to dive into the game to see it all.

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