In preparation for the new year, Hideaki Itsuno announced on Twitter that he is working on a new game:


Itsuno took over as director of the Devil May Cry games after Hideki Kamiya did the first one. More recently, Itsuno directed Dragon’s Dogma.

However, Itsuno has not elaborated on that Tweet further, so it may be awhile until we hear what he is up to. Could he be returning to Devil May Cry after Ninja Theory’s entry in the series, DMC: Devil May Cry? Or maybe he will revisit Rival Schools? Or maybe it will be a whole new IP completely. We’ll know when Hideaki Itsuno spills the beans sometime this year.

Tyler Trosper
Tyler Trosper graduated Ball State University with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Professional Writing. Originally joining Operation Rainfall as an anime news writer, he also writes gaming news and dabbles in reviews. His one true love in life is Xenosaga, and he prays daily for a fourth game.