Blaster Master Zero | featured

Inti Creates will once again be teaming up with Limited Run Games for a physical release of Blaster Master Zero for the Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made during Limited Run’s E3 2019 show. No official date has been given, yet the release will come later this year.

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In Blaster Master Zero, players will take control of Jason Frudnick in order to rescue Fred, a non-human, frog-like fellow. 2D, 16-bit styled graphics await as players fight as Jason while on foot, or behind the controls of SOPHIA, his tank. Platforming and action similar to a fast-paced metroidvania, it’s up to Jason to fight back waves of mutants in explosive glory.


Drew D.
Drew has been an avid gamer most of his life, favoring single-player campaigns. For him, a worthwhile game is one that immerses you; it envelops you and draws out an array of emotions that produce those memorable moments we live for as gamers.