let’s see what Playasia has to offer this week. All links are affiliate.

Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection
Capcom – Switch

List price: US$ 35.99
Special price: US$ 22.99*
You save: US$ 13.00 (36%)

BlazBlue: Central Fiction [Special Edition] (Multi-Language)
H2 Interactive – Switch

List price: US$ 39.99
Special price: US$ 32.99*
You save: US$ 7.00 (18%)

X-Morph: Defense [Limited Edition] PLAY EXCLUSIVES
eastasiasoft – PS4

List price: US$ 34.99
Special price: US$ 24.99*
You save: US$ 10.00 (29%)

Capcom Belt Action Collection (Multi-Language)
Capcom – PS4

List price: US$ 31.99
Special price: US$ 27.99*
You save: US$ 4.00 (13%)

Omega Labyrinth Z (Price Cut Version)
H2 Interactive – PS4

List price: US$ 26.99
Special price: US$ 22.99*
You save: US$ 4.00 (15%)

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Koei Tecmo Games – PS4

List price: US$ 19.99
Special price: US$ 18.99*
You save: US$ 1.00 (5%)

Alice’s Mom’s Rescue 1.5 Version
JoshProd – Dreamcast

List price: US$ 29.99
Special price: US$ 21.99*
You save: US$ 8.00 (27%)

AereA [Collector’s Edition]
Soedesco – PS4

List price: US$ 43.99
Special price: US$ 31.99*
You save: US$ 12.00 (27%)

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